Neil Diamond – Hi-Res Albums Collection {WEB, Hi-Res}

Neil Diamond - Hi-Res Albums Collection {WEB, Hi-Res}

Neil Diamond – Hi-Res Albums Collection {WEB, Hi-Res}
WEB Download | 35 Discs | Hi-Res | FLAC Tracks / 24bit / 192-96kHz
Total Size: 68.7 GB | 3% RAR Recovery
Label: Neil Diamond | Genre: Adult Contemporary

In a career that began in the 1960s, Neil Diamond became a major recording artist, an internationally successful touring act, and a songwriter whose compositions produced hits for himself and others. His earliest recognition, in fact, came as a songwriter associated with the Brill Building era of Tin Pan Alley in the early ’60s. But he soon branched out into recording and performing, and by the early ’70s was topping the charts with the self-written singles “Cracklin’ Rosie” and “Song Sung Blue.” This enabled him to be one of the more noticeable figures in the singer/songwriter movement of the period, as he made a transition to more of an album artist and those albums began to earn gold and platinum certifications. He also developed into a dynamic concert performer, as demonstrated on his 1972 album Hot August Night. At the same time, however, his music became generally softer, which broadened his appeal while earning him opprobrium, when he was considered at all, by the rock critics who dominated pop music journalism. But his millions of fans didn’t care about that, and they flocked to his shows and bought his albums in big numbers until well into the ’80s. After that, while his concert tours continued to post high grosses, his record sales became more modest. Still, as of 2001, he claimed worldwide record sales of 115 million copies, and early in the 21st century, he ranked third, behind only Elton John and Barbra Streisand, on the list of the most successful adult contemporary artists in the history of the Billboard chart. ― Allmusic

Velvet Gloves And Spit (1968) [2016 Reissue]
Brother Loves Travelling Salvation Show (1969) [2016 Reissue]
Sweet Caroline (1969) [2016 Reissue]
Touching You, Touching Me (1969) [2016 Reissue]
Gold: Recorded Live At The Troubadour (1970) [2016 Reissue]
Tap Root Manuscript (1970) [2016 Reissue]
Stones (1971) [2016 Reissue]
Hot August Night (1972) [2016 Deluxe Edition]
Moods (1972) [2016 Reissue]
Serenade (1974) [2016 Reissue]
Beautiful Noise (1976) [2016 Reissue]
I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight (1977) [2016 Reissue]
Love At The Greek (1977) [2017 Reissue]
You Don't Bring Me Flowers (1978) [2016 Reissue]
September Morn (1979) [2016 Reissue]
The Jazz Singer (1980) [2016 Reissue]
On The Way To The Sky (1981) [2016 Reissue]
Heartlight (1982) [2016 Reissue]
Headed For The Future (1986) [2016 Reissue]
Hot August Night II (1987) [2016 Reissue]
The Best Years Of Our Lives (1988) [2016 Reissue]
Up On The Roof: Songs From The Brill Building (1993) [2016 Reissue]
Tennessee Moon (1996) [2016 Reissue]
The Movie Album: As Time Goes By (1998) [2016 Reissue]
12 Songs (2005) [2016 Reissue]
A Cherry Cherry Christmas (2009) [2016 Reissue]
Dreams (2010) [2016 Reissue]
The Bang Years 1966-1968 (2011) [2016 Reissue]
The Classic Christmas Album (2013) [2016 Reissue]
All-Time Greatest Hits (2014) [2016 Reissue]
Acoustic Christmas (2016)
50th Anniversary Collection (2017)

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