Creedence Clearwater Revival – Discography (1968 – 2014)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Discography (1968 - 2014)

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Discography (1968 – 2014)
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At a time when rock was evolving away from the forces that had made the music possible in the first place, Creedence Clearwater Revival brought things back to their roots with their concise synthesis of rockabilly, swamp pop, R&B, and country. Though the music of CCR was very much a group effort in their tight, punchy arrangements, their vision was very much singer, songwriter, guitarist, and leader John Fogerty’s. Fogerty’s classic compositions for Creedence both evoked enduring images of Americana and reflected burning social issues of the day. The band’s genius was their ability to accomplish this with the economic, primal power of a classic rockabilly ensemble.

The key elements of Creedence had been woodshedding in bar bands for about a decade before their breakthrough to national success in the late ’60s. John’s older brother Tom formed the Blue Velvets in the late ’50s in El Cerrito, California, a tiny suburb across the bay from San Francisco. By the mid-’60s, with a few hopelessly obscure recordings under their belt, the band — including Tom and John with two high-school friends, drummer Doug Clifford and bassist Stu Cook — signed to Fantasy, releasing several singles as the Golliwogs that went nowhere. In fact, there’s little promise to be found on those early efforts; they were extremely derivative of the British Invasion and other R&B and rock trends of the day, with few hints of the swampy roots rock that would characterize CCR. The group only found themselves when John took firm reins over the band’s direction, singing and writing virtually all of their material. ― Allmusic

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1968. Creedence Clearwater Revival (1987, Carrere, 98.501, France)
1968. Creedence Clearwater Revival (1987, Fantasy, FCD-4512-2, USA)
1968. Creedence Clearwater Revival (2002, Analogue Prod., CAPJ 8382 SA, Germany, Hybrid SACD)

1969. Bayou Country (1987, Carrere, 98.502, France)
1969. Bayou Country (1987, Fantasy, FCD-4513-2, USA)
1969. Bayou Country (2002, Analogue Prod., CAPJ 8387 SA, Germany, Hybrid SACD)

1969. Green River (1987, Carrere, 98.503, France)
1969. Green River (1987, Fantasy, FCD-4514-2, USA)
1969. Green River (1990, Fantasy, FCD 4514-2, F-8393, USA, Club Ed.)
1969. Green River (2002, Analogue Prod., CAPJ 8393 SA, Germany, Hybrid SACD)
1969. Green River (2009, Universal, UCCO-9195, Japan, SHM-CD, 40th Ann.)

1969. Willy And The Poor Boys (1987, Carrere, 98.504, France)
1969. Willy And The Poor Boys (1987, Fantasy, FCD-4515-2, USA)
1969. Willy And The Poor Boys (2002, Analogue Prod., CAPJ 8397 SA, Germany, Hybrid SACD)
1969. Willy And The Poor Boys (2009, Universal, UCCO-9196, Japan, SHM-CD, 40th Ann.)

1970. Cosmo’s Factory (1987, Carrere, 98.506, France)
1970. Cosmo’s Factory (1987, Fantasy, CDFE 505, UK)
1970. Cosmo’s Factory (1989, Fantasy, FCD-4516-2, USA)
1970. Cosmo’s Factory (2002, Analogue Prod., CAPJ 8402 SA, Germany, Hybrid SACD)
1970. Cosmo’s Factory (2009, Universal, UCCO-9197, Japan, SHM-CD, 40th Ann.)

1970. Pendulum (1987, Carrere, 98.505, France)
1970. Pendulum (1987, Fantasy, FCD-4517-2, F-8410, USA)
1970. Pendulum (1987, Fantasy, FCD-8410-2, USA)
1970. Pendulum (2003, Analogue Prod., CAPP 8410 SA, Germany, Hybrid SACD)

1972. Mardi Gras (1989, Fantasy, FCD-4518-2, USA)
1972. Mardi Gras (2003, Analogue Prod., CAPP 9404 SA, Germany, Hybrid SACD)

2. LIVE:

1973. Live In Europe (1987, Carrere, 98.581, France)
1973. Live in Europe (1998, Fantasy, CCR-1, Italy)


1976. Chronicle (1984, Fantasy, FCD 623 CCR2, W.Germany, Black Label Ed.)
1976. Chronicle (1985, Carrere, CA 802 98.554, France, Pre-Emphasis)
1976. Chronicle (1987, Carrere, 98.554, France)
1976. Chronicle (1991 Fantasy, FCD-CCR2-2, USA)
1976. Chronicle (1995, Fantasy, CCGCD-22-2, USA, 24-karat Gold CD)

1982. Chooglin’ (1985, Carrere, CA 802 98.527, France, Pre-Emphasis)

1986. Chronicle. Volume Two (1987, Carrere, CA 801 98.567, France)
1986. Chronicle. Volume Two (1995, Fantasy, CCGCD-23-2, USA, 24-karat Gold CD)

1986. The Fantastic Creedence Clearwater Story (1986, Carrere, CA 802 91004, France, Pre-Emphasis)

1991. La Legende De Creedence (1991,Carrere, 9031-73655-2, France, 2CD)

1997. The Ultimate Collection (1997, Festival Records, TVD93335, Australia, 2CD, Anniversary Ed.)

2012. Ultimate CCR. Greatest Hits & All-Time Classics (2012, Fantasy, UMG, 0888072341623, Germany, 3CD)

2014. Greatest Hits (2014, Concord Music, FAN-35528-02, USA)


2009. Creedence Clearwater Revival: 40th Anniversary (2009, Concord, 0888072315716, EU, 7CD, Box Set)

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