Pink Floyd – The Early Years 1965-1972 (2016) {Super Deluxe Edition, 27 Disc Box Set}

Pink Floyd - The Early Years 1965-1972 (2016) {Super Deluxe Edition, 27 Disc Box Set}

Pink Floyd – The Early Years 1965-1972 (2016) {Super Deluxe Edition, 27 Disc Box Set}
EAC Rip | 10xCD | FLAC Tracks + Cue + Log | Full Scans Included
9xDVD | ISO | NTSC 16:9 (720×480) VBR | LPCM / DTS / Dolby AC3
8xBlu-ray | MPEG-4 AVC Video / 1080p / 16:9 | LPCM Audio / DTS-HD Master Audio
5xVinyl Rip | FLAC Tracks -> 24bit/192kHz & 16bit/44.1kHz | Full Scans Included
HiRes Audio From Blu-ray | FLAC Tracks | Stereo | 24bit/96-48kHz
Total Size: 4.13. GB (CDs) + 144 GB (BDs) + 50 GB (DVDs) + 8.50 GB (HiRes Audio) + 1.52 GB (Scans) + 0.99 GB (Vinyl)
3% RAR Recovery
Label: Pink Floyd Records | EU | Cat#: PFREYB1 | Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock

The Early Years 1965 – 1972 is a comprehensive 27-disc boxset that sees Pink Floyd delve into their vast music archive to produce a deluxe package that includes 7 individual book-style volumes, featuring much previously unreleased material. The Early Years box set contains unreleased tracks, BBC Radio Sessions, remixes, outtakes and alternative versions over an incredible 11 hours, 45 mins of audio (made up of 130+ tracks) and live and TV performance in over 14 hours of audio-visual material. The content includes over 20 unreleased songs, more than 7 hours of previously unreleased live audio and over 5 hours of rare concert footage, along with 5 meticulously produced 7” singles in replica sleeves, collectable memorabilia, feature films and new sound mixes. Previously unreleased tracks include 1967’s Vegetable Man and In The Beechwoods, which have been mixed for the first time, specially for this release.

The Early Years 1965-1972 will give collectors the opportunity to hear the evolution of the band and witness their part in cultural revolutions from their earliest recordings and studio sessions to the years prior to the release of The Dark Side Of The Moon, one of the biggest selling albums of all time. From the single Arnold Layne to the 20-minute epic Echoes, fans will see the invention of psychedelic progressive rock via an insightful collection that explores the Pink Floyd story from the time Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason and Syd Barrett met at London’s Regent Street Polytechnic, through to Syd’s departure and David Gilmour joining to form the iconic lineup. ― Amazon

Additional Info:
• Released Date: November 11, 2016
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Volume 1 - 1965-1967 Cambridge St/ation
Volume 2 - 1968 Germin/ation
Volume 3 - 1969 Dramatis/ation
Volume 4 - 1970 Devi/ation
Volume 5 - 1971 Reverber/ation
Volume 6 - 1972 Obfusc/ation
Volume 7 - 1967-1972 Continu/ation
The Early Years 1965-1972 - 7'' Vinyl Singles
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    Awesome share! Thank you so much! I believe the links for vol 7, bluray disc 2 is actually vol 7, DVD disc 2. FYI

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    Hi Atters

    24/96 stereo only into Hires Audio files


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      Thank for that. I will grab the bluray and extract the audio from there. Cheers.

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    Wow, what an incredible share! Thanks so much for the time and effort you have put into this, I am going to thoroughly enjoy it!

  • KEN

    Are any of the surround mixes included here or have they been folded down? Thanks for the impressive upload!

    • MrBOT

      includes quad mixes of Atom Heart Mother and Echoes, a new 5.1 mix of Live in Pompeii and Meddle

      DVD And Blu-ray only

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    unfortunately this Meddle Blu-Ray has 24bit/96kHz (Stereo LPCM and 5.1 Surround DTS HD Master Audio) only

    As far as I know there isn’t way to extract hires lossless from DTS HD Master Audio.

    maybe using eac3to you can to extract a lossy DTS core from DTS HD

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    just now I’ve played it with VLC and MPC-HC and working fine, What minute does the problem start?

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    All blu-ray are in ISO format

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    All Blu-rays are already in ISO format

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    Has anyone already published the 5.1 Meddle on the web?

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      Could you please tell me what kind of issue you are having?

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