John Lennon – Signature Box (2010) {2014, Digital Download 24bit/96khz}

John Lennon - Signature Box (2010) {2014, Digital Download 24bit/96khz}

John Lennon – Signature Box (2010) {2014, Digital Download 24bit/96khz}
Digital Download (WEB) | 11 Discs | FLAC Tracks @ 24bit/96kHz | PDF Booklet
Total Size: 9.28 GB | 3% RAR Recovery
Label: Apple / Capitol / Calderstone Productions Ltd. | Genre: Pop Rock

Originally released in 2010, the John Lennon Signature Box is an acclaimed collection that includes the eight remastered albums and an EP of Lennon’s non-album singles, all newly remastered in hi-res 96kHz/24bit digital resolution, plus several rarities available exclusively within the box set in 44.1kHz/24bit digital resolution.

Additional Info:
• Original Released Date: 2010
• Hi-Res Released Date: 2014
• Source:
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Disc Listing:

1970. Plastic Ono Band (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
1971. Imagine (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
1972. Sometime In New York City (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
1973. Mind Games (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
1974. Walls And Bridges (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
1975. Rock 'N' Roll (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
1980. Double Fantasy (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
1984. Milk And Honey (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
2010. Non-Album Singles (2010, Remastered, 24bit/96khz)
2010. Home Tapes (2010, Remastered, 24bit/44.1khz)

Folder: LMA_JoLe.2010.SB.2014.HIRES.2496
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  • Johnny Winter

    SINY and WAB for some reason have the last few tracks encrypted with a difference password


    • @_24_BIT

      Hi 🙂

      Please try type the password manually, don’t forget dots, lower case and upper case, also I recommend to use WinRar (Latest version) for extracting. If it doesn’t work yet please try download again I’ve uploaded new files without password.