The Moody Blues – Discography (1965 – 2014)

The Moody Blues - Discography (1965 - 2014)

The Moody Blues – Discography (1965 – 2014)
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Although they’re best known today for their lush, lyrically and musically profound (some would say bombastic) psychedelic-era albums, the Moody Blues started out as one of the better R&B-based combos of the British Invasion. The group’s history began in Birmingham, England with Ray Thomas (harmonica, vocals) and Mike Pinder (keyboards, vocals), who had played together in El Riot & the Rebels and the Krew Cats. They began recruiting members of some of the best rival groups working in Birmingham, including Denny Laine (vocals, guitar), Graeme Edge (drums), and Clint Warwick (bass, vocals).

The Moody Blues, as they came to be known, made their debut in Birmingham in May of 1964, and quickly earned the notice and later the services of manager Tony Secunda. A major tour was quickly booked, and the band landed an engagement at the Marquee Club, which resulted in a contract with England’s Decca Records less than six months after their formation. The group’s first single, “Steal Your Heart Away,” released in September of 1964, didn’t touch the British charts. But their second single, “Go Now,” released in November of 1964 — a cover of a nearly identical American single by R&B singer Bessie Banks, heavily featuring Laine’s mournful lead vocal — fulfilled every expectation and more, reaching number one in England and earning them a berth in some of the nation’s top performing venues (including the New Musical Express Poll Winners Concert, appearing with some of the top acts of the period); its number ten chart placement in America also earned them a place as a support act for the Beatles on one tour, and the release of a follow-up LP (Magnificent Moodies in England, Go Now in America) on both sides of the Atlantic.― Allmusic


1965. The Magnificent Moodies (1988, London, 820 758-2, W.Germany)
1965. The Magnificent Moodies (2015, Esoteric Rec., ECLEC 22473, UK, 2CD, 50th Ann)

1967. Days of Future Passed (2006, Deram, 983 215-0, EU, 2CD)

1968. In Search Of The Lost Chord (2006, Deram, 983 214-7, EU, 2CD, Deluxe Ed)
1968. In Search Of The Lost Chord (2008, Deram, B0011211-02, USA, Expanded Ed)

1969. On The Threshold Of A Dream (1997, Deram, 42284-4769-2, USA)
1969. On The Threshold Of A Dream (2006, Deram, 983 215-3, EU)

1969. To Our Children’s Children’s Children (2008, Threshold, B0011212-02, USA, Expanded Ed)

1970. A Question Of Balance (2006, Threshold, 983 770-6, EU)

1971. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1986, Threshold, 820 160-2, W.Germany)
1971. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (2008, Universal, UICY-93717, Japan, SHM-CD)

1972. Seventh Sojourn (1986, Threshold, 820 159-2, USA)
1972. Seventh Sojourn (1986, Threshold, 820159-2, W.Germany)

1978. Octave (2008, Threshold, 531 279-0, EU, Expanded Ed)

1981. Long Distance Voyager (2008, Universal, UICY-93720, Japan, SHM-CD)
1981. Long Distance Voyager (2014, Universal, UICY-40057, Japan, PT-SHM)

1983. The Present (1987, Threshold, 810 119-2, USA)
1983. The Present (2008, Threshold, 531 278-9, EU, Expanded Ed)

1986. The Other Side Of Life (1986, Polydor K.K., P33P 20044, Japan)
1986. The Other Side Of Life (1986, Polydor, 829 179-2, USA)
1986. The Other Side Of Life (1986, Polydor, 829 179-2, W.Germany)

1988. Sur La Mer (1988, Polydor, 835 756-2, USA)

1991. Keys Of The Kingdom (1991, Polydor, 849-433-2, USA)

2. LIVE:

1977. Caught Live +5 (1996, Threshold, 820 161-2, UK)

1993. A Night at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (1993, Polydor, 314 517 977-2, USA)
1993. A Night at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (2002, Polydor, 440 065 275-2, USA, 2CD, Deluxe Ed)

2000. Hall Of Fame (2000, Threshold, 60121595372, Brazil)


1984. Voices In The Sky. The Best Of (1984, Threshold, 820 155-2, UK)

1987. Prelude (1987, London, 820 517-2, W.Germany)

1990. The Story Of The Moody Blues… Legend Of A Band (1990, Polydor, 840 659-2, UK)

1996. The Best Of The Moody Blues (1996, Deram, 535 800-2, UK)

2005. Gold (2005, Polydor, 0602498268353, EU, 2CD)


2006. Their Full Story (2006, Classic Artists, DVDCASMB002, UK, CD+2DVD)

2007. The Moody Blues. Collected (2007, Universal, 984 646-6, EU, 3CD)

2013. Timeless Flight (2013, Universal, 534 248-2, UK, 11CD+6DVD)

2014. The Polydor Years 1986-1992 (2014, Universal, 378 941-4, EU, 6CD)

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