Shocking Blue – Discography

Shocking Blue - Discography

Shocking Blue – Discography
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Formed in 1967 by former Motions guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen, the Dutch quartet Shocking Blue originally had a lineup of VanLeeuwen on guitar, lead vocalist Fred DeWilde, bass player Klaasje Van der Wal, and drummer Cornelius Van der Beek, and the initial configuration of the band had a minor homeland hit with “Lucy Brown Is Back in Town” a year later in 1968. Things really got moving, though, when DeWilde was replaced by sultry singer Mariska Veres, whose sexy presence and solid singing brought the band a second Netherlands hit, “Send Me a Postcard,” and then a huge international smash with “Venus” in 1970 after the group had signed to Jerry Ross’ Colossus Records imprint. Although Shocking Blue’s albums (1968’s Shocking Blue, 1969’s At Home, 1970’s Scorpio’s Dance, 1971’s 3rd Album, 1972’s Inkpot, 1972’s Attila, 1973’s Dream on Dreamer, and 1974’s Good Times) featured progressive rock elements and inventive arrangements thanks to VanLeeuwen’s writing and production skills, the band was essentially marketed as a pop singles unit, and while they scored several subsequent hits in their homeland, none of the group’s releases approached the massive saturation success of “Venus.” Veres left Shocking Blue in 1974 to pursue a solo career, and while there have been various reunions and different touring incarnations of the band over the years (including a version fronted by Veres in the ’90s), its creative history ended then. VanLeeuwen later re-surfaced in the folk/jazz group Galaxy-Lin, while his most famous composition, “Venus,” continued to see play on oldies stations. Veres died of cancer in 2006 at the age of 59. ― Allmusic


1968. Shocking Blue (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00102 2, JP)

1969. At Home (1989, Repertoire, RR 4041-C, DE)
1969. At Home (2001, Red Bulle, RB 66.195t, NL)
1969. At Home (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00103 2, JP)

1970. Scorpio’s Dance (1990, Repertoire, RR 4086-WZ, DE)
1970. Scorpio’s Dance (1998, Red Bullet, RB 66.146, NL)
1970. Scorpio’s Dance (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00104 2, JP)

1971. 3rd Album (1993, Repertoire, REP 4317-WY, DE)
1971. 3rd Album (2001, Red Bullet, RB 66.196, NL)
1971. 3rd Album (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00105 2, JP)

1972. Attila (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00107 2, JP)

1972. Inkpot (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00108 2, JP)

1973. Dream On Dreamer (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00111 2, JP)

1974. Good Times (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00110 2, JP)


1971. Live In Japan (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00106 2, JP)

1984. Comeback (2009, Recordsmen Comm., RCM 00101 2, JP)


1986. The Best Of Shocking Blue (1986, Victor, VDP-5049, JP)

1990. Venus (1990, Castle, CLC 5018, NL)

1991. 20 Greatest Hits (1991, Repertoire, RR 4125-WZ, AT)

1997. Singles A’s & B’s (1997, Repertoire, REP 4639 – WR, AT, 2CD)
1997. Singles A’s & B’s (2001, Red Bullet, RB 66.197, NL, 2CD)

1998. Inkpot & Attila (1998, Red Bulle, RB 66.145t, NL)

2004. Greatest Hits (2004, Red Bullet, RB 66.239, NL)

2011. Very Best Of Collected (2011, Red Bullet, RB 66.280, NL, 2CD)

2013. Dream On Dreamer & Good Times (2013, Red Bullet, RB 66.289, NL)


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