Harry Nilsson – Albums Collection

Harry Nilsson - Albums Collection

Harry Nilsson – Albums Collection
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Label: Various | Genre: Pop Rock

Although he synthesized disparate elements of both rock and pop traditions, singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson was at heart a maverick whose allegiance belonged to neither. He’s best-known for his versions of other people’s songs (Fred Neil’s “Everybody’s Talkin’,” Badfinger’s “Without You,” an entire album of Randy Newman songs), but he was a skilled composer and is recognized as a pop craftsman of the first order. His initial series of albums in the late ’60s made him a personal favorite of the Beatles, who found a natural affinity with his knack for catchy melodies, witty lyrics, and extraordinary vocal range. Nilsson lost some of his original audience, however, with subsequent detours into pre-rock styles of pop, and did little recording over the last 15 years of his life. ― Allmusic


1967. Pandemonium Shadow Show (2002, BMG, BVCM-35113, JP)

1968. Aerial Ballet (2002, BMG, BVCM-35114, JP)

1969. Harry (2007, BMG, BVCM-35116, JP)

1970. Nilsson Sings Newman (2000, BMG, 7446599703 2, US)

1971. Nilsson Schmilsson (2004, RCA-BMG, 82876 57265 2, US)
1971. Nilsson Schmilsson (2007, BMG, BVCM-35120, JP)

1971. The Point! (2007, BMG, BVCM-35118, JP)

1972. Son Of Schmilsson (2006, RCA-Legacy, 82866-78249-2, US)
1972. Son Of Schmilsson (2007, BMG, BVCM-35121, JP)

1973. A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night (2002, BMG, BVCM-35122, JP)
1973. A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night (2006, RCA-Legacy, 82876 78248 2, US)

1974. Pussy Cats (2007, BMG, BVCM-35124, JP)
1974. Pussy Cats (2019, Sony Music, SICP 31333, JP, BSCD2)

1975. Duit On Mon Dei (2002, BMG, BVCM-35125, JP)

1976. Sandman (2007, BMG, BVCM-35126, JP)

1976. That’s The Way It Is (2007, BMG, BVCM-35127, JP)

1977. Knnillssonn (2002, BMG, BVCM-35128, JP)


2000. Harry And Nilsson Sings Newman (2000, BMG, 74321 757442, EU)

2000. Pandemonium Shadow Show, Aerial Ballet, Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (2000, BMG, 74321 757422, EU, 2CD)

2000. Skidoo And The Point! (2000, Camden, 74321 757432, EU)

2003. The Best Of Harry Nilsson (2009, Camden-Sony, 88697477932, EU)

2014. The Real… Harry Nilsson (2013, Sony Music, 88843036892, EU, 3CD)


2013. The RCA Albums Collection (2013, Sony Music, 88697915502, EU, 14CD)


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