Jamiroquai – Discography (1993-2017)

Jamiroquai - Discography (1993-2017)

Jamiroquai – Discography (1993-2017)
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Active since the early ’90s, Jamiroquai have amassed a steady stream of hits in their native U.K. and experienced chart success in just about every other area of the world, with an irresistible blend of house rhythms and ’70s-era soul/funk (the latter, especially, leading early on to claims of Stevie Wonder imitations). The band has gone through several lineup changes during its career, but through it all, their leader has remained singer/songwriter Jason Kay (aka J.K.). Born on December 30, 1969, in Stretford, Manchester, Kay’s mother, Karen, was a jazz singer who regularly performed at nightclubs, and in the ’70s had her own TV show. After leaving home at the age of 15, Kay found himself homeless and in trouble with the law (by committing petty crimes to get by). After a near-death experience (where he was attacked and stabbed) and being arrested for a crime he did not commit, Kay decided to return home, where he chose to pursue a legitimate career over crime: music. Kay didn’t have a band to back up his compositions, but he quickly came up with his future project’s name, Jamiroquai, a name that combined the name of a Native American tribe (the Iroquois) along with the music-based word, jam. ― by Allmusic


1993. Emergency On Planet Earth (1993, Sony, 474069 2, UK)
1993. Emergency On Planet Earth (2013, Sony, 88691967852, EU, 2CD, Deluxe Ed)

1994. The Return Of The Space Cowboy (1994, Sony, 477813 2, UK)
1994. The Return Of The Space Cowboy (2013, Sony, 88691967862, EU, 2CD, Deluxe Ed)

1996. Travelling Without Moving (1996, Sony, 483999 2, UK)
1996. Travelling Without Moving (2013, Sony, 88691967912, EU, 2CD, Deluxe Ed)

1999. Synkronized (1999, Sony, S2 494517 9, UK)
1999. Synkronized (1999, Sony, UK, Promo)

2001. A Funk Odyssey (2001, Sony, 504069 2, UK)

2005. Dynamite (2005, Sony-BMG, 5201112, EU)
2005. Dynamite (2005, Sony-BMG, 5201119, EU)

2010. Rock Dust Light Star (2010, Mercury, 2747054, EU)
2010. Rock Dust Light Star (2010, Mercury, 2754288, EU, Deluxe Ed)

2017. Automaton (2017, Virgin, CDV 3178, EU)


2001. The Greatest Stars (2001, Lighthouse, 8 290098, UK)

2006. High Times. Singles 1992-2006 (2006, Sony, 88697019962, EU)


1998. Deeper Underground (1998, Sony, XPCD 2274, UK, Promo)

1999. Canned Heat (1999, Sony, XPCD 2346, UK, Promo)

2001. Little L (2001, Sony, 671351 2, UK)


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