Van Morrison – Latest Record Project: Volume 1 (2021) [Hi-Res] [Official Digital Release]

Van Morrison - Latest Record Project: Volume 1 (2021) [Hi-Res] [Official Digital Release]

Van Morrison – Latest Record Project: Volume 1 (2021) [Hi-Res] [Official Digital Release]
Hi-Res / FLAC Tracks / 24bit / 96kHz
Total Size: 2.87 GB | 3% RAR Recovery
Label: BMG | Genre: Blues Rock, Folk Rock

In his old age, Van Morrison dispensed with any lingering niceties he harbored, favoring bluntness over poetry. That transition is made plain by the title Latest Record Project, Vol. 1, a literal description of the album if not its contents. Latest Record Project, Vol. 1 is indeed Morrison’s latest record project as of 2021 — it’s called “Vol. 1” because he recorded more than enough to fill a second volume, a remarkable feat considering that this album contains 28 tracks and runs well over two hours and if that doesn’t hint at what the music within sounds like, it’s also true that Van Morrison has stayed in his R&B lane for much of the 2010s. Even a detour like You’re Driving Me Crazy, a duet album with jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco, is distinguished by his choice of collaborator, not a shift in the direction. That can’t be said of Latest Record Project, Vol. 1. Van cooks along with a simpatico band who are happy to vamp and groove, taking solos that never, ever distract from their lead singer, who has a lot on his mind. Morrison isn’t happy with the state of the world and he takes dead aim at his irritants with song titles that convey as much as his full set of lyrics: “Where Have All the Rebels Gone,” “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,” “Stop Bitching, Do Something,” “Why Are You on Facebook,” and “They Own the Media.” The latter song thankfully doesn’t descend into conspiracy tropes — a justifiable worry considering how Van wrote a series of anti-lockdown singles during the Covid-19 pandemic — but it does show how Morrison’s crankiness has calcified into nastiness. As always, his saving grace is his expert control of his voice and good musical taste, qualities that prevent Latest Record Project, Vol. 1 from being as sour as its creator. ― Allmusic

01. Latest Record Project – 05:06
02. Where Have All the Rebels Gone? – 04:14
03. Psychoanalysts’ Ball – 05:18
04. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – 03:08
05. Tried to Do the Right Thing – 04:42
06. The Long Con – 06:59
07. Thank God for the Blues – 05:01
08. Big Lie – 03:42
09. A Few Bars Early – 04:53
10. It Hurts Me Too – 03:04
11. Only a Song – 04:01
12. Diabolic Pressure – 05:27
13. Deadbeat Saturday Night – 03:14
14. Blue Funk – 04:22
15. Double Agent – 04:52
16. Double Bind – 05:24
17. Love Should Come with a Warning – 04:04
18. Breaking the Spell – 03:28
19. Up County Down – 04:55
20. Duper’s Delight – 06:12
21. My Time After a While – 06:16
22. He’s Not the Kingpin – 04:07
23. Mistaken Identity – 04:27
24. Stop Bitching, Do Something – 05:06
25. Western Man – 03:33
26. They Own the Media – 03:13
27. Why Are You on Facebook? – 04:56
28. Jealousy – 04:17




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