Twisted Sister – Discography (1982 – 2016)

Twisted Sister - Discography (1982 - 2016)

Twisted Sister – Discography (1982 – 2016)
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A product of New York City’s early-’70s glam rock scene, Twisted Sister were eager students of the New York Dolls, with the theatrics of Kiss and the shock rock of Alice Cooper thrown in for good measure. While providing an excellent role model from an artistic standpoint, the Dolls’ disappointing record sales and subsequent implosion would make it difficult for such faithful disciples as Twisted Sister to land a record deal, and the band wound up struggling for nearly a decade before finally getting their big break in the early ’80s. Unfortunately, when this break finally came, the band would then embody one of the most gruesome examples of record company overexposure in the history of rock & roll (or at least since Kiss’ late-’70s decline), bringing an abrupt end to their brief moment of glory.

Founded in December 1972 by guitarist Jay Jay French (who as John Segal, legend has it, played in a pre-Kiss band called Rainbow with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley), Twisted Sister based their every move on the aforementioned New York Dolls. Their apprenticeship on the local club scene was a slow one, but by late 1975 a somewhat stable lineup had coalesced around French, fellow guitarist and high-school buddy Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda, bassist Kenneth Harrison Neil, and drummer Kevin John Grace. A number of different vocalists filed through their ranks, but it was only with the arrival of Dee Snider in early 1976 that the band found its true leader. Snider brought a strong Alice Cooper influence to the band, giving their by then antiquated, fey glam sound a welcome kick in the ass. He also quickly developed into the band’s dominant songwriter, and with new drummer Tony Petri in tow, Twisted Sister really started making a name for themselves in and around the city. ― Allmusic


1982. Under The Blade (1985, Roadrunner, RR 34 9946, Japan)
1982. Under The Blade (1989, Atlantic, 18P2-2745, Japan)
1982. Under The Blade (1999, Spitfire, SPITCD024, EU)
1982. Under The Blade (2008, Soyuz, DEMCD 147, Russia)
1982. Under The Blade (2011, Nippon Columbia Co., VQCD-10250, Japan, SHM-CD)

1983. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll (1997, Atlantic, AMCY-3104, Japan)
1983. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll (1999, Atlantic, 7567-80074-2, Germany)
1983. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll (1999, Spitfire, SPT-CD-15025, USA)
1983. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll (2005, Demolition, DEMCD 148, UK)
1983. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll (2011, Armoury, ARM 250482, USA)

1984. Stay Hungry (1984, Atlantic, 7 80156-2, W. Germany)
1984. Stay Hungry (1994, Atlantic, 7567-80156-2, Germany)
1984. Stay Hungry (2009, Rhino, 8122-79861-9, Germany, 2CD)
1984. Stay Hungry (2009, Rhino, R2 519757, USA, 2CD)
1984. Stay Hungry (2009, Warner Music, WPCR-14250, Japan)

1985. Come Out And Play (1986, Warner-Pioneer, 32XD-391, Japan)
1985. Come Out And Play (1997, East West, AMCY-3102, Japan)
1985. Come Out And Play (1998, Atlantic, 7567-81275-2, Germany)
1985. Come Out And Play (2008, Soyuz, DEMCD 147, Russia)

1987. Love Is For Suckers (1987, Atlantic, 7567-81772-2, Germany)
1987. Love Is For Suckers (1987, Warner Pionner, 32XD-807, Japan)
1987. Love Is For Suckers (2005, Demolution, DEMCD 150, UK)
1987. Love Is For Suckers (2010, Armoury, ARMCD530, Germany)

2004. Still Hungry (2004, Spitfire, SPT 15142-2, USA)

2006. A Twisted Christmas (2006, Demolution, DEMCD 159, Germany)
2006. A Twisted Christmas (2006, Razor & Tie, 7930182964-2, USA)

2. LIVE:

1994. Live At Hammersmith (1995, SPV, SPV 085-18102 DCD, Germany, 2CD)
1994. Live At Hammersmith (2007, Snapper Music, SMDCD583, Germany, 2CD)

2011. Live At The Marquee Club (2011, Rhino, R2 528073, USA)

2016. Metal Meltdown (2016, Loud & Proud, LNPD29, USA)


1992. Big Hits And Nasty Cuts (1992, Atlantic, 7 82380-2, USA)

1999. Club Daze Vol.1. The Studio Sessions (1999, Armoury, ARMCD536, Germany)
1999. Club Daze Vol.1. The Studio Sessions (1999, Spitfire, SPITCD023, EC)

2001. Club Daze Vol.2. Live In The Bars (2001, Spitfire, SPITCD059, Germany)


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