RPWL – World Through My Eyes (2005) [Hi-Res SACD Rip]

RPWL - World Through My Eyes (2005) [Hi-Res SACD Rip]

RPWL – World Through My Eyes (2005) [Hi-Res SACD Rip]
SACD-ISO / DSD / 1bit / 2.8224MHz
DSF-Tracks / DSD / 1bit / 2.8224MHz
FLAC Tracks / 24bit / 88.2kHz
Stereo & Multichannel | Full Scans Included
Total Size: 11.6 GB (DSF) + 5.39 GB (FLAC) + 4.45 GB (ISO) | 3% RAR Recovery
Label: Inside Out Music | Germany | Cat#: 6 93723 01322 0 | Genre: Progressive Rock

When RPWL singer Yogi Lang says (in the liner notes) that “the world depends on our ideals and moral concepts, and so it finally depends on our mental development,” one can only hope that the “we” he’s referring to is humanity in general, not his band specifically. (One also rather wishes that he’d clarify that bit about equating mental development with morality — is the problem with tyrants and rapists that they aren’t sufficiently smart?) That said, his band certainly is smart, and its music is a pleasing — if frequently longwinded — combination of hooks-wise pop songcraft and expansive sonic ideas. The lyrics are a bit heavy on woolly headed, whoa-dude philosophizing (sample line: “If the world is one big plan, why must we lose our innocence?”), but the pop-smart, almost Beatlesque structure of “Start the Fire” and the tight, muscular “Roses” can go a long way toward making lines like those go down easy. Ditto the absolutely gorgeous chorus of “Sea-Nature,” which would be a completely brilliant song if it were fewer than eight minutes long. “Sleep” also avoids greatness just barely, mostly by bringing in faux sitar and rudimentary slide playing. Those who are leery of the new prog rock may not be converted by this fine album, but those already so inclined will love it immediately. ― Allmusic

01. Sleep – 07:17
02. Start The Fire – 04:30
03. Everything Was Not Enough – 08:31
04. Roses – 06:23
05. 3 Lights – 07:29
06. Sea Nature – 08:08
07. Day On My Pillow – 04:19
08. World Through My Eyes – 10:03
09. Wasted Land – 04:46
10. Bound To Reach The End – 06:35
11. New Stars Are Born – 05:08




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