The Pineapple Thief – Discography (1999-2021)

The Pineapple Thief - Discography (1999-2021)

The Pineapple Thief – Discography (1999-2021)
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British prog rock band the Pineapple Thief, led by founder and frontman Bruce Soord, have become one of the most restless rock outfits of the 21st century and, while spending years as a cult attraction, nonetheless possess a large following in Europe, Asia, and the United States. While the group’s music is often likened to Radiohead’s and Porcupine Tree’s, the generalization falls far short in describing a constantly evolving sound that deftly balances sophisticated indie pop, theatrical rock, 21st century prog, textured electro-acoustic ambiences, and neo-psychedelia. While earlier recordings such as Variations on a Dream may have justified some critics’ capacity for comparison to Porcupine Tree and other genre-bleeding acts, later recordings, such as 2008’s Tightly Unwound — their KScope debut — showcased increasingly expansive pop songwriting that featured canny arrangements and advanced instrumental acumen. By the time they issued Magnolia in 2014, Soord and company had developed a flair for releasing conceptual album-length storytelling through well-crafted, hooky, instantly memorable episodic songs. Their sound took on a more rhythmic sensibility when King Crimson drummer Gavin Harrison joined the fold as a full-time member for Your Wilderness the following year. The band’s fan base expanded to include fans across the globe whose tastes ran closer to indie rock than prog. ― by Allmusic


1999. Abducting The Unicorn (1999, Cyclops, CYCL 079, UK)
1999. Abducted At Birth (2017, Kscope, KSCOPE293, EU)

2002. One Three Seven (2013, Kscope, Digital Release)

2003. Variations On A Dream (2011, Kscope, KSCOPE191, EU, 2CD)

2005. 10 Stories Down (2011, Kscope, KSCOPE18, DE, 2CD)

2006. Little Man (2010, Kscope, KSCOPE140, DE)

2007. What We Have Sown (2012, Kscope, KSCOPE223, DE)
2007. What We Have Sown (2018, Kscope, KSCOPE610, EU)

2008. Tightly Unwood (2016, Kscope, KSCOPE383, EU, 2CD)
2008. Tightly Unwound (2013, Kscope, KSCOPE274, PL, 2CD)

2010. Someone Here Is Missing (2010, Kscope, KSCOPE153, EU)
2010. Someone Here Is Missing (2017, Kscope, KSCOPE449, EU)

2012. All The Wars (2018, Kscope, KSCOPE609, EU)

2014. Magnolia (2014, Kscope, KSCOPE282, PL, 2CD)

2016. Your Wilderness (2016, Kscope, KSCOPE353, DE, 2CD+DVDA)
2016. Your Wilderness (2016, Kscope, KSCOPE354, DE)

2018. Dissolution (2018, Kscope, KSCOPE544, DE, 2CD+DVD+BD)
2018. Dissolution (2018, Kscope, KSCOPE613, DE)

2020. Versions Of The Truth (2020, Kscope, Digital Release)


2003. Live 2003 (2003, The Pineapple Thief Self, UK, CD+DVD)

2017. Where We Stood (2017, Kscope, Digital Release)
2017. Where We Stood (2017, Kscope, KSCOPE535, EU, BD)

2019. Hold Our Fire (2019, Kscope, Digital Release)

2021. Nothing But The Truth (2021, Kscope, Digital Release)
2021. Nothing But The Truth (2021, Kscope, KSCOPE576, UK, BD)


2009. 3000 Days (2009, Kscope, Digital Release)

2014. Introducing… The Pineapple Thief (2014, Kscope, Digital Release)

2021. The Soord Sessions 1-4 (2021, Kscope, Digital Release)

4. EPs:

2008. Shoot First (2008, Kscope, Digital Release)

2009. The Dawn Raids 1 (2009, Kscope, Digital Release)

2009. The Dawn Raids 2 (2009, Kscope, Digital Release)

2010. Show A Little Love (2010, Kscope, Digital Release)

2013. Build A World (2013, Kscope, Digital Release)

2017. Fend For Yourself (2017, Kscope, Digital Release)


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