Steely Dan – Discography (1972 – 2009)

Steely Dan - Discography (1972 - 2009)

Steely Dan – Discography (1972 – 2009)
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Label: Various | Genre: Jazz Rock, Pop Rock

Most rock & roll bands are a tightly wound unit that developed their music through years of playing in garages and clubs around their hometown. Steely Dan never subscribed to that aesthetic. As the vehicle for the songwriting of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, Steely Dan defied all rock & roll conventions. Becker and Fagen never truly enjoyed rock — with their ironic humor and cryptic lyrics, their eclectic body of work shows some debt to Bob Dylan — preferring jazz, traditional pop, blues, and R&B. Steely Dan created a sophisticated, distinctive sound with accessible melodic hooks, complex harmonies and time signatures, and a devotion to the recording studio. With producer Gary Katz, Becker and Fagen gradually changed Steely Dan from a performing band to a studio project, hiring professional musicians to record their compositions. Though the band didn’t perform live after 1974, Steely Dan’s popularity continued to grow throughout the decade, as their albums became critical favorites and their singles became staples of AOR and pop radio stations. Even after the group disbanded in the early ’80s, their records retained a cult following, as proven by the massive success of their unlikely return to the stage in the early ’90s. ― Allmusic


1972. Can’t Buy A Thrill (1991, MCA, MCD 01769, DMCL 1769, Austria)
1972. Can’t Buy A Thrill (2008, Universal, UICY-93515, Japan, SHM-CD)

1973. Countdown To Ecstasy (1991, MCA, MCD 01654, DMCL 1654, Germany)
1973. Countdown To Ecstasy (2008, Universal, UICY-93516, Japan, SHM-CD)
1973. Countdown To Ecstasy (2014, Universal, UICY-40080, Japan, PT-SHM)

1974. Pretzel Logic (1991, MCA, MCD 01781, DMCL 1781, Germany)
1974. Pretzel Logic (2008, Universal, UICY-93517, Japan, SHM-CD)

1975. Katy Lied (1991, MCA, MCD 01800, DMCL 1800, Germany)
1975. Katy Lied (2008, Universal, UICY-93518, Japan, SHM-CD)

1976. The Royal Scam (1985, MCA, MCAD-37044, 250 505-2, W.Germany)
1976. The Royal Scam (1999, MCA, 811 708-2, USA)
1976. The Royal Scam (2008, Universal, UICY-93519, Japan, SHM-CD)

1977. Aja (1984, MCA Victor, VDP-27, Japan)
1977. Aja (1984, MCA, MCAD-37214, 250 499-2, W.Germany)
1977. Aja (1991, MCA, MCD 01745, DMCL 1745, W.Germany)
1977. Aja (2008, Universal, UICY-93520, Japan, SHM-CD)

1980. Gaucho (1984, MCA, MCAD-37220, DIDX 56, USA)
1980. Gaucho (2008, Universal, UICY-93521, Japan, SHM-CD)
1980. Gaucho (2013, Universal, UICY-40018, Japan, PT-SHM)

2000. Two Against Nature (2000, Giant, 9 24719-2, USA)

2003. Everything Must Go (2003, Reprise, 48490-2, USA)

2. LIVE:

1995. Alive In America (1995, Giant, 924634-2, USA)


1996. The Very Best Of Steely Dan. Reelin’ In The Years (1996, MCA, MCLDD 19147, 2CD)

2000. The Steely Dan Story 1972-1980. Showbiz Kids (2000, MCA, 112 407-2, EU, 2CD)

2008. The Definitive Collection (2008, Universal, UICY-90827, Japan, SHM-CD)


1993. Citizen Steely Dan 1972-1980 (1993, MCA, MCAD 4-10981, USA, 4CD)

2009. Collected (2009, Universal, 532 112-2, EU, 3CD)

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  • the webster

    I’d be interested to know how you can be certain that it’s the Steve Hoffman original mix?
    I have a 1999 remastered version which I’ve always thought was pretty good but saying that I have nothing to compare it with.

  • plooker

    The version referenced corresponds to ‘Mastering 6’ in that thread, which is NOT Hoffman’s.

    • OzBrickie

      I’m NOT saying it is or it isn’t mate, merely pointing out that it’s interesting to note that with nearly every artist, every album, every country release, etc etc there is always this type of “This is shit” “That isn’t the correct master” “Yes it is” “No it isn’t” discussion. I’ve even seen the “masters” themselves discussing how they can’t even remember whether they did a particular tape or not. I reckon it’s all funny, all good stuff and not worth feather ruffling about, certainly not worth the time people must spend. At the end of the day we like to listen to what we like to hear.

      After all, it’s only Steely Dan.

      Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Jack Deckard

    Aja: Info on Steve’s web site says different.
    I don’t know, but I’ve been comparing 37214 and 01745 and 32714 sounds slightly better to me.