Muddy Waters – Albums Collection

Muddy Waters - Albums Collection

Muddy Waters – Albums Collection
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Label: Various | Genre: Blues, Chicago Blues, Delta Blues

Muddy Waters was the single most important artist to emerge in post-war American blues. A peerless singer, a gifted songwriter, an able guitarist, and leader of one of the strongest bands in the genre (which became a proving ground for a number of musicians who would become legends in their own right), Waters absorbed the influences of rural blues from the Deep South and moved them uptown, injecting his music with a fierce, electric energy and helping pioneer the Chicago Blues style that would come to dominate the music through the 1950s, ‘60s, and ’70s. The depth of Waters’ influence on rock as well as blues is almost incalculable, and remarkably, he made some of his strongest and most vital recordings in the last five years of his life.

Waters was born McKinley Morganfield, and historians argue about some details of his early life; while he often told reporters he was born in Rolling Fork, Mississippi on April 4, 1915, researchers have uncovered census records and personal documents that would pin the year of his birth at 1913 or 1914, and others have cited the place of his birth as Jug’s Corner, a town in Mississippi’s Issaquena County. What is certain is that Morganfield’s mother died when he just three years old, and from then on he was raised on the Stovall Plantation in Clarksdale, Mississippi by his grandmother, Della Grant. Grant is said to have given young Morganfield the nickname “Muddy” because he liked to play in the mud as a boy, and the name stuck, with “Water” and “Waters” being tacked on a few years later. The rural South was a hotbed for the blues in the ’20s and ‘30s, and young Muddy became entranced with the music when he discovered a neighbor had a phonograph and records by the likes of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lonnie Johnson, and Tampa Red. ― Allmusic


1958. The Best Of Muddy Waters (2001, Universal, UICY-75949, Japan)

1960. At Newport 1960 (2001, MCA, 088 112 515-2, USA)

1964. Folk Singer (1999, MCA-Chess, CHD-12027, USA)

1968. Electric Mud (1997, Chess, MCD 09364, USA)
1968. Electric Mud (2013, Universal, UICY-75952, Japan)

1969. Fathers and Sons (2001, MCA, 088 112 648-2, USA)

1975. The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album (1995, MCA-Chess, MCD 09359, USA)
1975. The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album (1998, MCA Victor, MVCM-22077, Japan)
1975. The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album (2007, Universal, UICY-93204, Japan)

1976. Unreleased In The West (1989, Moon Rec., MCD 007-2, Italy)

1976. Unreleased In The West 2 (1990, Moon Rec., MCD 017-2, Italy)

1977. Hard Again (1987, Blue Sky, ZK 34449, USA)
1977. Hard Again (2004, Sony Music Direct, MHCP 350, Japan)

1978. I’m Ready (1990, Blue Sky, 472368-2, Austria)
1978. I’m Ready (2004, Sony Music Direct, MHCP 351, Japan)

1981. King Bee (2004, Epic-Legacy, 515163 2, Austria)

1984. Rare And Unissued (1991, MCA, CHD-9180, USA)

1989. Trouble No More. Singles 1955-1959 (1989, Chess, CHD-9291, USA)

1992. Blues Sky (1992, Columbia, 467892 2, EU)

1992. Down South Blues (1992, Zillion, Rec, 2611232, Holland)

1993. Baby Please Don’t Go (1994, Music Reflexion, 1410.2028-2, Czech Republic)

1995. Carnegie Hall Live & More! (2004, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-67456, Japan)

1996. Muddy Waters At Newport-Muddy Waters Live (1996, BGO, BGOCD314, UK)

1997. His Best 1947 to 1955 (1997, Universal, 329 370-2, Germany)

1997. His Best, 1956 to 1964 (1997, MCA, CHD-9380, USA)

1997. Muddy Waters Paris, 1972 (1997, Pablo, PACD-5302-2, Germany)

1997. The Complete Plantation Recordings 1941-42 (1997, MCA, MCD 09344, USA)

1998. The Real Folk Blues, More Real Folk Blues (2002, MCA, 088 112 822-2, USA)

2000. Master Of The Blues (2000, Newsound, PYCD 712, UK)

2000. Mojo. The Live Collection (2000, Music Club, MCCD 425, USA)

2000. Rollin’ Stone. The Golden Anniversary Collection (2000, Universal, 112 301-2, EU, 2CD)

2001. Muddy Waters {1941-1950} (2001 Document Rec., DOCD 5146, EU)

2003. Muddy ‘Mississippi’ Waters Live (2003, Epic, E2K 86559, USA, 2CD, Legacy Ed)

2004. Trouble No More {Singles 1955-1959} (2004, Universal, UICY-3418, Japan)

2005. BD Blues (2005, Nocturne, BLUE184-NT501, Italy, 2CD)

2007. Breakin’ It Up, Breakin’ It Down (2007, Epic-Legacy, 88697 07283 2, USA)

2011. Muddy, Brass And The Blues & Can’t Get No Grindin’ (2011, BGO, BGOCD1007, UK)

2012. Checkerboard Lounge, Live Chicago 1981 (2012, Eagle Vision, EV305529, USA, CD+DVD)


1989. The Chess Box (1989, MCA, CHD3-80002, USA, 3CD)

2014. The Complete Aristocrat & Chess Singles As & Bs 1947-62 (2014, Acrobat, ACQCD7072, UK, 4CD)

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