Dionne Warwick – Albums Collection (1963-2015)

Dionne Warwick - Albums Collection (1963-2015)

Dionne Warwick – Albums Collection (1963-2015)
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It is easier to define Dionne Warwick by what she isn’t rather than what she is. Although she grew up singing in church, she is not a gospel singer. Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan are clear influences, but she is not a jazz singer. R&B is also part of her background, but she is not really a soul singer, either, at least not in the sense that Aretha Franklin is. Sophisticated is a word often used to describe her musical approach and the music she sings, but she is not a singer of standards such as Lena Horne or Nancy Wilson. She is a pop singer of a sort who probably could only have emerged out of the Brill Building environment of post-Elvis Presley, pre-Beatles urban pop in the early ’60s. That’s when she hooked up with Burt Bacharach and Hal David, songwriters and producers who wrote their unusually complicated songs for her aching yet detached alto voice. Warwick is inescapably associated with those songs, even though she managed to build a career after leaving Bacharach and David — one that drew upon their style for other memorable recordings — and she remains a unique figure in popular music. ― by Allmusic


1963. Presenting Dionne Warwick (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15071, JP)

1964. Anyone Who Had A Heart (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15072, JP)

1964. Make Way For Dionne Warwick (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15073, JP)

1965. Here I Am (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15075, JP)

1965. The Sensitive Sound Of Dionne Warwick (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15074, JP)

1966. Here Where There Is Love (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15077, JP)

1967. On Stage And In The Movies (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15078, JP)

1967. The Windows Of The World (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15079, JP)

1968. Dionne Warwick In Valley Of The Dolls (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15081, JP)

1968. Promises, Promises (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15082, JP)

1968. The Magic Of Believing (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15080, JP)

1969. Soulful (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15083, JP)

1970. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15085, JP)

1970. Very Dionne (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15086, JP)

1972. Dionne (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15091, JP)

1973. Just Being Myself (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15092, JP)

1975. Then Came You (2008, WMJ, WPCR-75430, JP)
1975. Then Came You (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15093, JP)

1975. Track Of The Cat (2002, SPY, SPY 45002-2, US)
1975. Track Of The Cat (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15094, JP)

1977. Love At First Sight (2000, WMJ, WPCR-10659, JP)
1977. Love At First Sight (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15095, JP)

1979. Dionne (1986, Nippon Phonogram Co., 32RD-54, JP)

1980. No Night So Long (1986, Nippon Phonogram Co., 32RD-70, JP)
1980. No Night So Long (1988, BMG Victor Inc., A32D-56, JP)
1980. No Night So Long (2010, Ultra-Vybe Inc., CDSOL-7414, JP)
1980. No Night So Long (2014, Funkytowngrooves, FTG-392, US)

1982. Friends In Love (2001, BMG Funhouse Inc., BVCM-37275, JP)

1982. Heartbreaker (1983, Arista, 610 002-222, DE)
1982. Heartbreaker (1986, Nippon Phonogram Co., 32RD-2, JP)
1982. Heartbreaker (1988, BMG Victor Inc., A25D-3, JP)

1983. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (1983, Arista, 610 099-222, DE)
1983. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (1986, Nippon Phonogram Co., 32RD-71, JP)
1983. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (2014, Funkytowngrooves, FTG-391, US)

1985. Friends (1985, Nippon Phonogram Co., 32RD-49, JP)
1985. Friends (1987, BMG Victor Inc., A32D-2, JP)

1985. Without Your Love (1985, Nippon Phonogram Co., 32RD-13, JP)

1987. Reservations For Two (1987, Nippon Phonogram Co., 32RD-94, JP)

1990. Dionne Warwick Sings Cole Porter (1990, BMG Victor Inc., BVCA-6, JP)

1993. Friends Can Be Lovers (1993, BMG Victor Inc., BVCA-604, JP)

1994. Aquarela Do Brasil (1994, BMG Victor Inc., BVCA-660, JP, Promo)

1998. Dionne Sings Dionne (1998, Victor, VICP-60567, JP)

2006. My Friends & Me (2007, Universal Music K.K., UCCM-2003, JP)

2011. Only Trust Your Heart (2011, MPCA, MPCA-25732, US)

2012. Now. A Celebratory 50th Anniversary Album (2012, H&I Music, H&IPROD001, US, Promo)


1966. Dionne Warwick In Paris (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15076, JP)

1971. The Dionne Warwicke Story. A Decade Of Gold (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15087~8, JP, 2CD)


1969. Dionne Warwick’s Greatest Motion Picture Hits (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15084, JP)

1972. From Within (2013, WMJ, WPCR-15089~90, JP, 2CD)

1989. Greatest Hits 1979-1990 (1989, Arista, 259 279, DE)
1990. Greatest Hits 1979-1990 (1990, BMG Victor Inc., A32D-97, JP)

1990. Sings Burt Bacharach (1990, The Entertainers, CD 268, EEC)

2000. Walk On By. The Definitive Dionne Warwick Collection (2000, Warner Music, 9548-380212, UK, 2CD)

2002. Love Songs (2002, BMG, 74321 91682 2, EU)

2006. Love Songs (2006, Warner Platinum, 8122-78784-5, UK)

2009. Original Album Series (2009, Rhino, 8122 79837 0, EU, 5CD)

2015. Best Favorite Songs (2015, Plaza Mayor Company, Digital Release)


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